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Why choose us?

We are convinced that delivering a completely satisfying home selling and buying experience requires proactiveness and an ability to maintain solid communications throughout the transaction process.
Our knowledge, experience, expertise and resources set us apart allowing us to achieve results that don’t just meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations. It is our commitment to provide you with exceptional service from a team of highly skilled, uniquely talented individuals with high integrity, extensive professional knowledge and experience, far‐reaching connections and excellence in home marketing.

OUR REPUTATION within the Real Estate Industry is impeccable.

COMMUNICATION & RESPONSIVENESS. We are known for our proven ability to maintain open communication around the clock and a high level of responsiveness to our clients throughout the transaction process and beyond.

BUYING STRATEGIES. We use modern technology along with our market knowledge, unsurpassed negotiation and sales skills, professional experience and collaboration to assist you in identifying your desired property and securing the best price and terms, while protecting your interests.

HOME PRICING STRATEGIES. We take pricing your home very seriously and offer the wisdom and knowledge gained through decades of collective real estate experience. With a careful, in-dept analysis of all of the unique features of your property and the existing market conditions we will expertly advise you on a pricing strategy that creates a clear path towards your goal of a successful home sale.

MARKET READY & DESTINED TO SELL. It is well known fact that homes sell faster and for more money if they are prepared properly for sale. We can help you with home preparation and staging including facilitating repairs, so you can net the highest price possible!

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY makes your home look fantastic online and in print. We extensively use HDR photography, something you cannot see almost anywhere else in the industry, so your property photos are guaranteed to stand out. Our stunning images draw more people to your listing and will make a good first impression with every home buyer.

NEW HOME’S IN‐HOUSE MARKETING We personally walk through each of our listings with our sellers to discuss the home’s highlights and features, taking a personalized approach to marketing your home in the best possible light. Creative, informative and uniquely designed, our online and print advertising captures the true essence of your home and the attention of prospective buyers.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Skype, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn …Technology has changed the way we live, play, work, communicate, shop and advertise. We embrace the ever changing world of technology and are always seeking the best applications to serve our clients personally and efficiently.

COMMITMENT is a term that we honor. We are trusted to fulfill promises and take care of our clients’ concerns.

PROVEN RESULTS. Over the past years our brokers and agents have worked with reputable brokerage firms, including Coldwell Banker, the biggest company in the industry, learning the traditional way of doing business, mastering the best practices and building their network among all the active agents in the Greater Boston Area. Our proven marketing strategies often result in attracting multiple offers and selling the property for far above the list price in just a few days. Our proactive approach to identifying the desired properties for our buyers and the way we handle the offer and negotiation process has brought us a lot of success and to our clients a new place to call home. We are proud with our results and the level of our client’s satisfaction, however we never stop looking for ways to improve.

OUR TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS has been working together for over 8 years. Our agents, attorneys and mortgage brokers maintain constant flawless communication which ensures high level of reliability. As a valuable addition to our team we frequently use the services of many fine local professionals such as home inspectors, stagers, various contractors, vendors and service providers.

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